Morocco, USA


Moroccan-American H.A.T. is a remix-artist dedicated to heritage: he composes his audiovisual  etudes from field work. At Budapest Ritmo you may expect locally recorded material popping up: a Roma or Hungarian tune flavouring the gig. One of his major projects is REMIX ←→ CULTURE – an international collective where artists aim to link tradition and contemporary culture. Recordings from Morocco to Brazil receive a new spin: audio and video clips are juxtaposed to reveal new aspects while setting off their merit. H.A.T brings you electronica where heritage pulsates; a multimedia show where you party to gnawa musicians and South American field recordings.


Showcase DAY

5 October // Thursday
Free of Charge


6 October // Friday
4000 HUF


7 October // Saturday
4000 HUF


8 October // Sunday
4000 HUF

Ritmo Pass

6-8 October // 3 days
10 000 HUF

Early bird tickets can be purchased until 01.10.
Discount (Student & Pensioner) tickets can be purchased at the venue during the festival.