Félix Lajkó & VOŁOSI

Hungary, Poland

october 6, 2017 21:30-23:00
Nagyhall, Akvárium Klub

Hajdu András

A joint project between Polish string band Vołosi and Hungarian violin-phenomenon Félix Lajkó was meant to be: the musical match promises a brilliant concert. Both parties are grounded in folk, share a humble attitude to music coupled with a constant urge to break the rules. Vołosi features dazzling classical and folk musicians who met at a wedding, Félix Lajkó has been a fixed star of the Hungarian scene for over two decades. Their co-production will be staged twice: at Warsaw Cross Culture Festival and Budapest Ritmo.


Showcase DAY

5 October // Thursday
Free of Charge


6 October // Friday
4000 HUF


7 October // Saturday
4000 HUF


8 October // Sunday
4000 HUF

Ritmo Pass

6-8 October // 3 days
10 000 HUF

Early bird tickets can be purchased until 01.10.
Discount (Student & Pensioner) tickets can be purchased at the venue during the festival.