Mónika Lakatos & Mihály Rostás


october 8, 2017 20:15-21:00
VOLT Lokál, Akvárium Klub

A unique voice of olah Roma folk, Mónika Lakatos spellbinds every single time: music of elemental force, a heritage owned and intensely transmitted breaks out of her petite frame. At WOMEX15’s Opening Concert a wider professional audience got a glimpse of one of the brightest stars of gypsy tradition; her band Romengo have been touring abroad since.  At Budapest Ritmo she presents her newest material from a ‘Hallgató’ album with streamlined acoustic accompaniment by husband and Romengo founder Mihály “Mazsi” Rostás. Plaintive Hallgatós give an essence of olah music: passionate, tragic but recklessly life-affirming, the age-old melodies draw the picture of a whole community. You get to hear them in the best possible rendition at Budapest Ritmo.



Showcase DAY

5 October // Thursday
Free of Charge


6 October // Friday
4000 HUF


7 October // Saturday
4000 HUF


8 October // Sunday
4000 HUF

Ritmo Pass

6-8 October // 3 days
10 000 HUF

Early bird tickets can be purchased until 01.10.
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