Juliana Voloz

Juliana has started in 2004 as band manager and booker for Georgian band The Shin. During 8 years of cooperation, the band has performed ar WOMEX showcase, released 2 CDs at German label JARO and performed more, than in 30 countries.

In 2007 Juliana opened her agency JV-Promotion and started to work with other international bands.

In 2009 – 2013 Juliana was co-organizing several international music projects, such as Latvian/Georgian/Moldavian project Port of Culture, Georgian showcase conference Tbilisi Music Week, international project Planet of People in Russia and others. She attends WOMEX, Jazzahead, Tallinn Music Week, Visa for Music, Eurosonic, Seoul Music Week, Musica Mundo (Brazil), Mundial Montreal and other music conferences. In 2016 Juliana was a jury member for Russian World Music Awards.

At the moment Juliana is managing and booking following bands: Estonian band TRAD.ATTACK!, Georgian a cappella choir Iberi (Georgia), Inna Zhelannaya ( Russia), Ethno-Trio Troitsa (Belarus), Alaverdi (Georgia), Ethno Jazz band Naked (Serbia), Indialucia (India/Poland/ Spain), Authentic Light Orchestra (Armenia/Switzerland). She cooperates with Festivals and venues around the world and has booked many hundreds of concerts.


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