Roma Ritmo


october 7, 2018 20:45-22:15
Nagyhall, Akvárium Klub

One of the unique experiences only offered at Ritmo Budapest, Sunday  tempts with a concert paying tribute to Roma musicians across the country and its region. The production features outstanding artists from professionals to amateurs, representing the invaluable contribution of the Roma community to music. The show focuses on vocal heritage, with widely popular artists and lesser known names stepping on stage. Though many melodies will sound familiar, the production will reveal hidden secrets of a rich and colourful culture.


Balogh Andrea / Lakatos Mónika and the Gypsy Voices
Balogh Dániel / Lindri Band
Balogh József “Anirosz” / Romano Drom
Balogh Krisztina / Lakatos Mónika and the Gypsy Voices
Balogh Tibor / Romengo
Farkas István / Ternipe
Frigur Róber “Bobi” / Khamoro Budapest Band
Horváth Mária / ex-Lindri Band
Horváth Zoltán / Kanizsa Csillagai
Horváth Zoltánné / Kanizsa Csillagai
Király Pál (Szolnoki Pali)
Kovács A. Máté / Romano Drom ( Tycoon Endorser )
Lakatos János – Stefánó
Lakatos János Guszti / Romengo
Lakatos Mónika / Romengo
Miczoura Mónika
Novák Csaba
Rostás Csaba /ex-Ando Drom
Rostás Mária / Kék Láng
Rostás Mihály Mazsi / Romengo
Rostás Mónika / ex-Ando Drom
Rostás Tünde


Showcase DAY

4 October // Thursday
Free of Charge


5 October // Friday
3000 HUF


6 October // Saturday
3000 HUF


7 October // Sunday
3000 HUF

Ritmo Pass

5-7 October // 3 days
7 500 HUF

Early bird tickets can be purchased until stocks last.

Concert programme

VOLT Lokál, Akvárium Klub
Maija Kauhanen
Nagyhall, Akvárium Klub
Roma Ritmo
The concert schedule may be subject to change