Girma Bèyènè & Akalé Wubé

France, Ethiopia

05.10. Saturday, Akvárium Klub, KisHALL

A veteran of the heydays of Ethiopian music, Girma Bèyènè has been tagged the Ethiopian Quincy Jones, and is credited for composing the most famous ethiopian tune, Muziqawi Silt. As the Derg dictatorship forced him to emigrate, the legendary lyricist, composer, pianist and vocalist abandonded music and submerged in the diaspora in the US. He first retirned to Addis Abeba in 2008 to a music festival, but it was only in 2017, after 30 years of silence, that Bèyènè truly returned to music. Members of Akalé Wubé, a French band that grew up listening to his music, approached the living legend and tempted him back on the scene; the album Mistakes On Purpose, the final release in the illustrous Éthiopiques series, records the result. Experience the glory days of Ethiopian music live on the stage of Budapest Ritmo.


Showcase DAY

3 October // Thursday
Free of Charge


4 October // Friday
3000 HUF


5 October // Saturday
3000 HUF


6 October // Sunday
3000 HUF

Ritmo Pass

4-6 October // 3 days
7 500 HUF