Zoord feat. Weronika & Maciej from Warsaw Village Band

Hungary, Poland

06.10. Sunday, Akvárium Klub, KisHALL

Mouthharp like you haven’t heard it before – played by virtuoso Áron Szilágyi. The simple instrument sounds both archaic and contemporary as the drums and violin of Zoord complete its sound. The Warsaw Village Band are a natural match with trad instruments of cimbalom, hurdy-gurdy, frame drum and “suka” violin, seamlessly blending dub, electronica and hip-hop with ancient folk melodies.


Showcase DAY

3 October // Thursday
Free of Charge


4 October // Friday
3000 HUF


5 October // Saturday
3000 HUF


6 October // Sunday
3000 HUF

Ritmo Pass

4-6 October // 3 days
7 500 HUF