Félix Lajkó and his band

22. OCTOBER 21:00 // MÜPA Béla Bartók National Concert Hall

The unique music of this violin virtuoso and composer from Voivodina is captivating whether he plays solo, in a band, or working, for example with VOLOSI. He has composed music for film and ballet, has led world music top-lists and Songlines’ “Top of the World” and received the Hungarian and Polish Fonogram awards. This October Félix Lajkó will perform alongside this year’s WOMEX-selected artists at Bartók Béla Concert Hall, MÜPA Budapest.

Lajkó Félix – violin
Sidoo Attila – guitar
Kertész Endre – cello
Mazura János – tuba
Barcza Horváth József – double bass
Czirják Tamás – drums