Bettika Quintet

may 11, 2021 // Stream concerts

Jazz fused with world music and Hungarian folk, poetry, literature and music – the distinguished Bettika Quintet plays freely with genres, creating their own distinctive, improvisational and poetic style. Bettika Bakos (vocals, keyboard), Zoltán Dévényi (guitar, vocals), Dominik Kosztolánszki (saxophone, flute), József Mayer (double bass), and Ambrus Richter (drums) form a quintet where each instrument and each performer plays an equally important role on stage. Their music is born from the ever-present tension and competition between song, poetry, and melody. Their openness and playful attitude towards genres and songwriting elements make each of their performances a unique, one-time experience. You can watch the streams on Bartók Spring.


The concert schedule may be subject to change