Dresch String Quartet x Attila Damokos

may 11, 2021 // Concert movies

Mihály Dresch is the most internationally renowned artist of contemporary Hungarian jazz, inspiring generations of folk and jazz musicians. His concert movie was directed by a well know videoclip director, Attila Damokos. Dresch’s contribution to jazz is compared to how Garbarek used Northern-European motives in his music, or how Coltrane fused the genre with Afro tradition – Dresch created a space where authentic Transylvanian folk meets the freedom of jazz. His music does not feel overthought or artificial – his submergence in folk heritage is conscious and authentic. In his art, tradition gives stability – a secure platform from which experimental, improvisational jazz can take off and fly. His melodies have overwhelming, intimate power, radiating with strength, calm, and devotion. You can watch the streams on Bartók Spring.


The concert schedule may be subject to change