Károly Cserepes x Gábor Karcis x Mátyás Kálmán

may 10, 2021 // Concert movies

The art of Károly Cserepes is just as intriguing and multidimensional as the story of his own journey. His music film was directed by two young well known artists and directors: Gábor Karcis and Mátyás Kálmán. Cserepes began his career in the ‘70s folk revival movement as a member of the Vizöntő folk band where he played on wind and percussion instruments. He later started teaching music and created a unique musical aesthetic that resonates all throughout his work. In each case, he starts from local tradition, and brings it into contact with distant corners and cultures of the world. In his tracks, material from folk archives and solutions typical to contemporary electronica mix together with ease. He’s a firm believer that tradition shouldn’t be “preserved”, instead it should be used, and thus – kept. You can watch the streams on Bartók Spring.


The concert schedule may be subject to change