Mordái x Gábor Reisz x Bálint Szimler

may 12, 2021 // Concert movies

Mordái is the front runner of the youngest wave of Hungarian dark folk rock. Their concertfilm was directed by two young wellknown directors: Gábor Reisz and Bálint Szimler. Inspired by the experimental folk music movement of the 1960s and ‘70s and giants of the genre such as Muzsikás or the Sebő band, Mordái debuted in 2018 with lead singer Soma Nóvé’s EP, “Népdalok” (“Folk songs”). Their sound focuses on the dark aura of folklore, fuses it with drops of wildly experimental jazz and brings it to catharsis with powerful hard rock. Their music feels like walking through a forest at night – and knowing that bandits are watching the road. You can watch the streams on Bartók Spring.


The concert schedule may be subject to change