Odd ID x Fanni Szilágyi

may 12, 2021 // Concert movies

Melodic vocals meet psychedelic synths and heavy grooves – Odd ID’s very present, sometimes even futuristic sound balances tastefully between an alluring electronic atmosphere and true, raw rock that you might just start headbanging to. Their concert movie was directed by Fanni Szilágyi in the cityjungle of TwentySix Budapest. The group – awarded the “Grand Prize” of the A38 Talentometer – has become an unmistakable name in the Budapest underground music scene and has been ​actively touring across Europe, in ​France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Croatia, Romania and Slovenia​. Odd ID sits well with many genres, be it psychedelic, progressive rock, jazz or electronica: the band grabs the audience and takes them along to an unforgettable experience​. You can watch the streams on Bartók Spring.


The concert schedule may be subject to change