April 7-10, 2022 Budapest

Afternoon Session: Film & Music – Beyond the Soundtrack

Become part of the discussion! The Budapest Ritmo Conference is a perfect opportunity for music industry stakeholders to exchange know-hows and business cards.

This year our afternoon panels focus on the overlap of the music and film industries. Meet and learn from representatives of international music film festivals, distributors and sync gurus.

Attendance is free of charge. Please register at ritmo@budapestritmo.hu.

Roundtable: Music Film Festivals
Dániel Deák (Festival Director @Friss Hús, Budapest)
Leszek Wejcman (Artistic Director @On Art Film Festival, Warsaw)
Marcin Dumieński (Festival Director @On Art Film Festival, Warsaw)
Lucia Udvardynova (Film Curator @WOMEX)
Moderator: Eszter Lányi

Dániel Deák

Festival Director @Friss Hús, Budapest

(Photo: Bálint Hirling)

Leszek Wejcman

Artistic Director @On Art Film Festival, Warsaw

Marcin Dumieński

Festival Director @On Art Film Festival, Warsaw

Lucia Udvardynova

Film Curator @WOMEX

(Photo: Stanislav Soukup)

Eszter Lányi

Head of Training @National Film Institute Hungary

Roundtable: Distribution of Music Films
Maryam Nikbin (International Sales Manager @EUROARTS)
Erika Borsos (Head of Filmprogramming @Budapest Film)
Anna Závorszky (Producer @HBO Europe)
Zuzanna Solakiewicz (Director @The Soil)
Moderator: Ajándok Gyenis

Maryam Nikbin

Sales Manager @EUROARTS

Erika Borsos

Head of Filmprogramming @Budapest Film

Anna Závorszky

Producer @HBO Europe

Zuzanna Solakiewicz

Director @The Soil

Ajándok Gyenis

Managing Director @Cinego, Hungary

Roundtable: Sync – Music Placement in Ads, Shows & More
Dijana Dobras (Regional Director of Licensing & Repertoire @IDM Music)
Tamás Szabó (Co-founder @Central Publishing)
Moderator: Balázs Weyer

Dijana Dobras

Regional Director of Licensing & Repertoire @IDM Music

Tamás Szabó

Co-founder @Central Publishing

Balázs Weyer

Programming Director @Hangvető