April 7-10, 2022 Budapest

Károly Cserepes x Gábor Karcis x Mátyás Kálmán

07 April Thursday 6 PM | Akvárium Klub, NagyHall

08 April Friday 4 PM | Toldi, Kisterem

09 April Saturday 4 PM | Toldi, Kisterem

10 April Sunday 5 PM | Toldi, Kisterem


The music of Károly Cserepes is just as multifaceted and exciting as his life story and himself. In the music film directed by visual artists Gábor Karcis and Mátyás Kálmán, film scrolls from ethnographic archives come alive on the leaves and branches of a spring garden, using contemporary techniques such as 3D mapping.

Károly Cserepes was a formative, yet outlier figure of the ‘70s Hungarian folk revival. He started his career in music playing in a traditional folk band affiliated with the dance house movement. Later he moved on producing music alone, experimenting with recording techniques of the time, sampling and looping when these expressions meant close to nothing to most musicians. Gradually he allowed himself to be more provocative towards the source material. He believes that tradition must not only be kept – it must live on by being used, applied by the people of today, otherwise it will extinguish its own flame.

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