April 7-10, 2022 Budapest

Дeva x Marcell Bajor x Szemerey Bence

10 April Sunday 8 PM | Toldi, Nagyterem

Martin Wanda

Dorina Takács, also known as Дeva is an internationally renowned Hungarian singer-songwriter who makes ambient-like atmospheric music infused with Hungarian folk.

She is one of the winners of Budapest Ritmo 2022’s Film Tender with ‘In Lumine’. A film in five chapters, ‘In Lumine’ is a music film scored by Дeva that follows a coming-of-age storyline. Inspired by the philosophy of Platon and by the universal human experience of enlightenment, ‘In Lumine’ is a motion picture artwork where music and cinematography are equals. The film is co-created with Odesa Films, written by Bence Szemerey and directed by Marcell Bajor.

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