April 7-10, 2022 Budapest

Dresch String Quartet x Attila Damokos

07 April Thursday 6 PM | Akvárium Klub, NagyHall

08 April Friday 4 PM | Toldi, Kisterem

09 April Saturday 4 PM | Toldi, Kisterem

10 April Sunday 5 PM | Toldi, Kisterem


Everything is different at night. Moods change, rules change, sounds and noises carry different notions. Shot at night, with his music film for the legendary Dresch String Quartet, director Attila Damokos created a breathtaking visual world. Fully expressive of the refined ethno-jazz sound so characteristic of Mihály Dresch, the film immerses the musicians in simple colors, in light and shadow.

The world renowned Mihály Dresch is a leading figure of Hungarian jazz. Similar to how Garbarek defined Northern European jazz or Coltrane brought Afro musical traditions to the world of jazz, Dresch created a unique sound with Transylvanian authentic folk and smooth jazz. His music is unapologetically rooted in traditional folk, serving as a perfect platform for jazz and improvisation to take off from.

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