April 7-10, 2022 Budapest

Mordái x Gábor Reisz x Bálint Szimler

07 April Thursday 6 PM | Akvárium Klub, NagyHall

08 April Friday 4 PM | Toldi, Kisterem

09 April Saturday 4 PM | Toldi, Kisterem

10 April Sunday 5 PM | Toldi, Kisterem

Pályi Zsófia Müpa

Mordái is a flagship band of the new wave of Hungarian folk revival. With accomplished young members, Mordái haunts the halls and corridors of the iconic Budapest landmark, the Gellért Hotel. Co-directed by beloved art house film creators Gábor Reisz and Bálint Szimler, this music film has strong lynchian vibes and reminds of the Shining, all the while alleviating the dark mood with goofy and grotesque characters.

Mordái plays dark folk rock, tense songs with explosive verses and unpredictable jazz solos. They describe their songs as resembling the feeling of traveling through a forest alone at night, all too aware that you’re being watched by roadside scoundrels. This dark feeling is perfectly captured by Reisz’ and Szimler’s movie, produced for the online edition of Budapest Ritmo in 2021 and first presented on a wide screen at Budapest Ritmo 2022.

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