April 7-10, 2022 Budapest

Odd ID x Fanni Szilágyi

07 April Thursday 6 PM | Akvárium Klub, NagyHall

08 April Friday 4 PM | Toldi, Kisterem

09 April Saturday 4 PM | Toldi, Kisterem

10 April Sunday 5 PM | Toldi, Kisterem

The music of Odd ID has a tendency to float out to space – their psychedelic and energetic sound draws equally form electronica and folk. Director Fanni Szilágyi is a master at transforming the inner-city jungle of the iconic Budapest restaurant, Twentysix, into a one-of-a-kind stage for the young band. Gigantic palm leaves and ferns, regal cedar trees and majestic monsteras give an exquisite and intimate feel to the music film.

Odd ID, formerly known as Ethnofil, is memorable for the songwriting style and excellence of frontman Andris Weil and the shocking vocal and emotional range of lead singer Viola Okos. Set in the courtyard of Twentysix, this inner city botanical garden resembles both the Garden of Eden and the beginning of a tropical rave party.

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