April 7-10, 2022 Budapest

Fly Bird, Fly…

(HU/UK) doc. (2020) 50’ sub. hun/eng

08 April Friday 3:30 PM | Toldi, Nagyterem

10 April Sunday 3:30 PM | Toldi, Nagyterem

Fly bird, fly… is a documentary that follows world music journalist Simon Broughton as he interviews key figures and visits important regions of the Hungarian grassroots folk dance house, táncház movement.

The film is looking to uncover the secret of the táncház method, rightfully indicted in UNESCO’s list of intangible cultural heritage. This impactful movement started in the 1970s in communist Hungary, and has since been „exported” to other CEE countries as well. The táncház movement created a strong group of youth, professional and amateur dancers and musicians, who found joy in their cultural heritage and found a way to bring it to life in modern times without political agenda. The Fly bird, fly… documentary is an homage to the táncház movement and its monumental figures, co-directed by Simon Broughton and Balázs Weyer and produced by Hangvető.

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