April 7-10, 2022 Budapest

Premiere: 2021 Ritmo Music Films

07 April Thursday 6 PM | Akvárium Klub, NagyHall

08 April Friday 4 PM | Toldi, Kisterem

09 April Saturday 4 PM | Toldi, Kisterem

10 April Sunday 5 PM | Toldi, Kisterem

For the first time ever, Budapest Ritmo will feature a film program: premieres of music films produced specifically for Budapest Ritmo, music documentaries and a music and film themed conference session will welcome all music lovers and professionals.

For a moment during the early months of the pandemic we were all thrilled to pick from lockdown concerts. Our enthusiasm broke quickly. At-home concerts were often recorded on crowdless stages, making us feel even more isolated.

For the online edition of Budapest Ritmo ‘21 we produced music films instead – complex musical and cinematic artworks by Hungarian musicians and directors that would stay relevant long after the lockdown has ended.

The four music films will be shown for the first time in cinemas at Budapest Ritmo ’22.

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