April 7-10, 2022 Budapest

Uljana Quartet x Anna Korom x Flóra Fecske

10 April Sunday 8 PM | Toldi, Nagyterem

Bezzeg Gyula

The co-creation of director Anna Korom, cinematographer Flóra Fecske and the Uljana Quartet welcomes the viewer to a multi-generational apartment. The life of a family of ten is seen in its rawness and intimacy, with a complete spectrum of human emotion and a special focus on female family members. The music film presents the smallest moments and greatest events of life, both beautiful and stragely undramatic. The family’s story is told through 9 songs by Uljana Quartet, perfomed live in the very same apartment. The music film is directed by Anna Korom in close collaboration with the musicians.

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