April 7-10, 2022 Budapest



Thursday 04.07. | Szimpla Kert


The Serbian Rođenice all-female a cappella trio takes a feminine dive into the freedom of identity in modern times – a deeply coded message, ancient symbolism dressed in modern language, and their energetic performance makes them truly outstanding. Fostered by the MOST Music talent program, Rođenice named themselves after the three goddesses of Serbian mythology, supernatural female creatures who determine the fate of a newborn child. Take part in a hypnotic performance by Rođenice on the Budapest Ritmo showcase stage for emerging artists, at Szimpla Kert.

The showcase programme consists of 45-minute performances by jury-selected up and coming world music artists and performers. Entry to the showcase concerts is free of charge.

The concert is supported by MOST – The Bridge for Balkan Music.

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