11-13 April 2024, Budapest

Maria Mikhailyk

NGO "Local culture support"



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Head of the NGO "Local Cultural Support", art-director concert hall Nyzhnyj Zal in Lviv Puppet, Make Music Day in Lviv
Since 2013, I have been doing events of various scales: commercial and grassroots events.
The most stable and largest event is the Festival of Music in Lviv, last year there were 150+ musicians in one day at 45+ locations throughout the city.
In 2021, I created the NGO "Local Cultural Support" and began work in the chamber culture space "Nizhniy Zal in the Puppet Theater", with the team she launched different cultural projects and festivals, "ZRIZ" - a series of live performances and a podcast with niche musicians.
In addition, I write music for performances and educational traditional singing.

Field of work
  • Artist
  • Promoter
  • Manager
  • Institution