11-13 April 2024, Budapest

Nika Jurczuk


Singer, Violinist


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Niczos is an exceptionally talented female singer and rapper from Podlachia (Podlasie) fully involved in the creation of their club arrangements and enriching them with the regional, native open voice singing and rapping in Podlachian and Belarusian.

Together with Sw@da – a Polish/Colombian producer from the Eastern Polish borderline (nominated for the Fryderyk Award – the highest award of the Polish music industry) they create an absolutely unique musical project #indawoods. The duo often refers to the deep magic of their own place of origin but at the same time does not avoid combining traditional musical elements with those of baile funk, afrobeat, jersey club and even reaching for distorted samples associated with phonk music. Their musical journey permeates their lives on countless levels and has resulted (among other things) in a number of viral TikToks and concerts for wide Polish/Belarusian audience.

Field of work
  • Artist
  • Manager