11-13 April 2024, Budapest

Dorotea Solomun

Varaždin Tourist Board

Head of EU project department


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Dorotea Solomun is a highly experienced professional who works as Head of the EU Project Department at the Varaždin Tourist Board. With extensive experience in project implementation, management, and coordination, Dorotea holds a degree in Economics from the Faculty of Economics in Zagreb, and post-graduate studies in "EU Funds and Entrepreneurship" at the University of the North in Varaždin.
In addition to her role at the Tourist Board, Dorotea is responsible for organizing Croatia's largest international street festival, Špancirfest. As the festival approaches its 25th anniversary in August 2023, together with her team, Dorotea is working to plan and coordinate a diverse range of music and artistic programs that will appeal to a broad audience.
Along with the team of the Varaždin Tourist Board, Dorotea is involved in the development of Varaždin BackYard Festival, Advent in Varaždin, and other city cultural events that promote cultural, touristic and artistic development in the city.

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