2024. április 11-13. Budapest

Ian Smith

Waves Vienna

Agent Manager Producer consultant Creative arts international


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involved in the arts for over 30 years, run two music agencies established in 2000 based in the UK with a presence in Vienna for 15 years. Dealing with all aspects of live performance and in the past for 11 years as national chair of one of the UK musician's union sections, a musician, live sound engineer, international artist manager working with artists across Europe ( Spain / Ukraine / France ) also work as agent with many grammy winning artists and encouraging new talent from all genres. Worked as an independent promoter / arts centre programmer and occasionally worked with Arts Council England links to PRS and many international bodies as well as speaking at international music conferences over many years on a range of subjects.I have worked with artists from nearly every continent for 20 years. Since 2023 I have been UpBeat programmer for Waves festival Vienna

Field of work
  • Artist
  • Agent
  • Promoter
  • Manager
  • Festival Booking
  • Agency
  • Producer
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