2024. április 11-13. Budapest

Daj Ognia

Daj Ognia

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We roam between Poland and Scandinavia, playing at barn dance parties, funeral banquets and in the sacred groves. On our way to neverwhere, we stop at the taverns standing on the frozen Baltic Sea. We play music to dance to and to ponder over for villagers and townspeople alike, interweaving musical traditions of Poland and Scandinavia.

In our own anachronic fashion, we recall the moods of an imaginary village – plebeian ruffles, echoes of the long-gone
rites, callings for death in maidenhood, and the patter of bare feet on the frozen soil.

We weave our musical story with the sounds of archaic bowed lyres, Polish traditional singing, bagpipes, drums and bones, creating unusual soundscapes – full of melancholy, yet pulling into the whirl of dance.

Awarded at:
– "Mikołajki Folkowe" 2018 (recognition)
– "Nowa Tradycja" [by Polish National Radio] 2021 (finalists)
– "Turniej Muzyków Prawdziwych" [by Szczecin Philharmonic] 2021 (laureates)

Press kit: https://t.ly/Xbc1z

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