2024. április 11-13. Budapest

Greta Wardęga

Bombalkanica Festival

musician, DJ, organizer


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Born in Krakow, she collects in her travels a vast rhythmic and sung repertoire, from her native Poland to various regions of the Balkans, a repertoire mostly based on odd or irregular bars, characteristic of the regions she has traveled.

She debuts in music with the trio "Porembisko", formed in Krakow, of polyphony from Slavic countries such as Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Serbia. Currently based in Porto, Portugal. She is the singer and percussionst of Balklavalhau, member of the band Balagan and other projects working with polyphonic singing and world music fusion. She also gives regular workshops of traditional singing from Poland and other Slavic countries. As Balskandal she presents in her DJ sets the music from the Balkans and Central Europe. She is also responsible for the Bombalkanica Festival, invading Porto since 2022 with the sounds coming from the Balkans and Central Europe.

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  • Artist
  • Promoter