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Piero Cremaschi


Sound engineer / Production Manager


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Piero Cremaschi was born and raised on August 25th in Santiago, the capital of Chile. He is a Chilean/Italian based in Italy.

Piero Cremaschi is a music passionate, experimented production manager and sound engineer with +18 years of experience in the music industry. He was developing various roles in his professional career. As a Promoter, Tour manager, Production manager, Sound engineer, and Stage manager of different historical bands from Chile to developing their touring in South America and worldwide. Also, he has worked as a Production Manager and Stage manager of festivals like Lollapalooza, Fauna Primavera, Santiago gets Louder, Otoño Fauna, Folkest and more and participated in a lot of concerts in South America, Italy and Germany.

Since 2017, he has worked as a production manager and sound engineer with Andrea Del Favero and Gianni Martin at the Folkest Festival in Italy. This year, the festival produces over 50 events.

Field of work
  • Artist
  • Agent
  • Promoter
  • Festival Booking
  • Agency
  • Record label/Distribution
  • Producer
  • Music Supervisor