2024. április 11-13. Budapest

Claudio Giagnotti

ARRA Produzioni Mediterranee

Art Director\Musician


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ARRA PRODUZIONI MEDITERRANEE is a Salento structure born in May 2020. A meeting point of the cultural currents of the Mediterranean and beyond, created by the synergy aimed at promoting musical and audio-visual arts in its many forms, in an artistic network of "Tradinnovazione", rooted in Salento, in Italy. Arra Produzioni Mediterranee inherits the artistic direction of Claudio “Cavallo” Giagnotti, Salento musician and producer of ROM origins, who since the early 90s with the Terra de Menu association and subsequently with “DILINO' – center of alternative and Mediterranean music” organizes, produces and experiments musical and cultural moments and meetings both in Salento and in Europe. Arra Produzioni Mediterranee currently manages: tours of Mascarimirì, direction and organization of Ballati! Tradinnovation Festival (born in 2001), Party In Collina (8 Editions) – a review of international DJs on World Music, TAMTAM Tamburreddhu Festival (8 Editions) – a festival to enhance the Salento

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