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Rafael Garnica

Rafael Garnica



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Music has guided my professional journey, shaping me as an artist. With a degree in Film Studies focusing on sound for media, I've embraced roles as a drummer, DJ, and electronic music producer.

Starting with Submarino, I explored trip-hop and soft rock. Co-founding RadioLAE with DJ Trujillo, we redefined electronic music dissemination. I transitioned to DJing, releasing tracks for labels like Moodmusic and Gozadera Records.

In 2013, I launched "Fool Again," my debut solo album. I've also worked in music aggregation, managing label development and distribution.

Foxy Bar, an alternative music space I established, became a hub for Barcelona's music scene.

As Kiss Me Again, I've explored Balearic House with downtempo influences. I also host "Legacy," a podcast celebrating timeless music curated by DJs.

Each step reflects my commitment to pushing artistic boundaries and creating meaningful musical experiences.

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  • Artist
  • Record label/Distribution