UPBEAT is the European showcase platform for world music.

The 14 current members of the UPBEAT platform can draw support for booking up-and-coming bands, international artists, or even new collaborations. With UPBEAT’s help, members can meet their sustainability goals and organise professional events, conferences, and more. Our mission is to foster a forward-thinking and thriving world music industry in Europe.

Budapest Ritmo – Sustainability Action Plan

“Facing the climate crises, music networks can give their members the means to be active participants in systemic change and a driving force for others” Gwendolenn Sharp, UPBEAT expert

Budapest Ritmo is a member of UPBEAT, where sustainability experts analyzed how we perform towards the green future.

The analysis stated that Budapest Ritmo has made progress in several aspects of event sustainability in the last years: “The amount of printed materials have been effectively reduced in past editions, and all decorations are reusable for future editions. There have been efforts to reduce the impact of catering, and further progress can be made. Ground transport is minimized, and all participants are encouraged to use public transport for travel between venues”. 

What our goals?


  1. Measuring and monitoring performance and impact: we aim to set the appropriate goals, evaluate the processes, and to be able to use these to communicate the advanced sustainability efforts. We monitor the environmental impact of travel and ground transport of artists and delegates, consumed food and beverages. 
  2. Enhancing communication on sustainability performance. We aim for being transparent about sustainability measures and achievements towards the audience, delegates, artists, suppliers and partners. 
  3. Avoiding  packaged water for artists and on the conference. We aim to provide water bottles and a waterpoint system for artists, normal glasses and any kind of filtered water for the conference.
  4. Reducing foodprint: moving towards serving 2/3 vegan/vegetarian meals for delegates. We are trying to bring back the red meat free catering and expanding it to artist catering.
  5. Reducing emissions relating to the travel of delegates. We are influencing them to choose the sustainable option like trains, carpools, and we provide them detailed information on emissions and possible ways to avoid them. We believe that flights should be the absolute last resort, and when unavoidable. 
  6. Reducing emissions from ground transport and from using public transport. 

Read more about Sustainability for Showcases in UPBEAT’s Guide.

In addition, UPBEAT supports our showcase day and some of our professional events.