11-13 April 2024, Budapest

Roger Bouwens

Toernee Mondial



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Roger was the managing director and programmer in the Cultural Centre Leopoldsburg – Flanders/Belgium. A 400-seats venue. He is still active as the founding chairperson of Toernee Mondial, a network of Flemish venues involved in touring world/folk/global/..music since 1995. Retired in 2018 and chairperson of Toernee Mondial until today. He participated many times in panels and speed dates at several showcase events.
What does Toernee Mondial do? It is an association of some 20 Flemish cultural centres with the sole aim of building concert tours with artists from other countries. Toernee Mondial exclusively forms concert tours in the field of world music/folk, global, roots etc. .. and also focuses on circus and physical comedy.
Toernee Mondial believes in fysical prospection to discover fine and challenging music.

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