Belgium, Hungary

october 5, 2018 22:15-23:15
VOLT Lokál, Akvárium Klub

The Belgian sinto polymath mastered manouche swing by the age of 12, to then fall in love with Hungarian music. His path lead him from coffee-house gypsy melodies to Kalotaszeg, where the most beautiful treasures of folk heritage reside, according to many. He learned to play this style from legendary violinist Sándor Neti, and even got round to Hungarian – as he saw the language as a necessary step in acquiring the music. He plays Kalotaszeg melodies with his trademark sensitivity and skill, while acknowledging the wide range of musical influences he has in his fingers and mind. This is what makes the performances of the trio: Limberger (voice, violin), Rudi Toni (viola) and Viktor Berki (double-base) so special, they are truly authentic while inspired and personal. Hungarian audiences could meet the outstanding musician at the opening concert of 2015’s Womex, Gypsy Heartbeats, and now they get to relive the magic of this soulful genious playing some of the world’s most beautiful string music.



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4 October // Thursday
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5 October // Friday
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6 October // Saturday
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7 October // Sunday
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5-7 October // 3 days
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VOLT Lokál, Akvárium Klub
Maija Kauhanen
Nagyhall, Akvárium Klub
Roma Ritmo
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