11-13 April 2024, Budapest

The Sounds that Made Us – Hallgató

Hungarian documentary, sub. eng (25′)

13 April, Saturday | Toldi mozi, Kisterem

There’s something in the water in Nagyecsed, a small village in Northeast Hungary, where many nationally and a few internationally acclaimed Roma singers and dancers hail from. We are guided by spellbinding singer and WOMEX Awardee Mónika Lakatos and her husband, Rostás Mihály “Mazsi”, who give us a peep inside the amazing Roma vocal tradition. Markedly different from the bouncy upbeat tunes generally perceived as Roma music, hallgatós are slow-paced and lyrical, and form a vital role in the community. As Balázs puts it, they may be the reason the Roma community managed to keep its heritage, with some artists, Mónika eminently, rising to international fame. The crew is mesmerised as intimate moments and heartfelt singing enfold, introducing this beautiful style of singing.

Private screening. For invited guests only.

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