11-13 April 2024, Budapest

Elli Michael

Windcraft Loud

Artistic Director


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Having studied Ethnomusicology in multi-cultural Berlin and been trained as a classical saxophonist, Elli Michael is mixing her classical and world music influences when performing. She is the director of Windcraft Music Centre in Nicosia, which specializes in the teaching of wind instruments. Since 2010 she is a dedicated saxophone instructor, as well as a Cypriot folk music researcher. In 2013 she founded the brass band “Windcraft Band”, where she acts as a lead saxophonist, conductor and arranger. In 2016 she published together with others the book “Knowing each other through researching Cypriot Intangible Cultural Heritage”. Elli Michael is also the organizer and artistic director of the Windcraft Music Fest and president of non-profit organization Windcraft Loud. In 2016 the Youth Board of Cyprus and Central Cooperative Bank rewarded her for her artistic contribution with the Youth Award in the category of Culture.

Field of work
  • Festival Booking